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Furniture To Home ("FTH")

You purchase furniture in Tao Bao

We provide consolidated shipping and installation service

Our Advantages

• One stop solution
We are furniture expert and our daily routines are shipping furniture globally to HK, installation and removal of old furniture


• Service with courtesy
We know you are afraid to deal with logistic drivers...


• Flexible delivery time
No need to wait at home for whole day and we will deliver at your convenient time


• Transparent charging scheme
Confirm delivery and installation charge beforehand. Absolutely no surcharge after unpacking

Why are we here?

You may be used to purchase online for small and light items (Tao Bao, JD, Japan Rakuten, Korean GMarket, Amazon etc.). But for bulky items like furniture which require installation, you probably don't know how to deal with them.

Assume you ''Tao Bao'' some furniture and found a consolidated shipping company for delivery, you will likely encounter below situations:

1.     You don't know when will they deliver

2.     They just stop at roadside or a nearby parking space

3.     Not certain if they are willing to deliver upstairs (not to say a clear tariff)

4.     CS lady agreed to deliver upstairs, but eventually deliveryman refuse to do so

5.     Unable to unpack yourself, as it is quite often that furniture is packed with wooden box or rack

6.     No skills (or not willing) to do the assembly

7.     Don't know how to deal with tons of leftover wooden racks with rusted iron nails

8.     You may be puzzled how come truck drivers could be so rude


Please keep in mind, those valuable table, TV cabinet etc. are bulky and fragile 

Therefore, we are here to provide professional cross-border logistic and installation service with care and clear tariff

Service flow

1) Customer input our warehouse address in China (Guangzhou) as delivery address
   (Please remind seller to bear China domestic postal fee)

Address: 廣東省廣州市白雲區新市街道蕭崗明珠路6號倉
Receiver: 米高物流
Mobile: 13332840555
Tel: 020-22156521
Postal code: 510000

2) Customer provide all products logistic tracking no. and product hyperlink

3) After gathering all customer items in HK, we will confirm with customer on weight* and charges

4) Customer could choose to pay by Visa/Master (Paypal) or bank transfer (ATM)

5) We arrange delivery on customer agreed date & time

** If installation service is required**

Please provide product photo or hyperlink to us beforehand

Facebook Message:
Tel: 6577 6380

How we charge?

• 「Weight / KG *」here means 「Actual Weight」or 「Dimensional Weight」, whichever is higher
Dimension Weight (kg) = Length x Width x Height ÷ 6000 (cm)

• Charges below only applicable to buildings with parking space and in urban area; Any car park charges incurred will be reimbursed by customer in cash

• Minimum charge per order is HKD $1000


[ A ]  Delivery Charge

​Per KG HKD $6
From our warehouse in China to customer home
Charge per delivery order to one single address


[ B ]  Installation Charge
Includes unpacking, installation and removal of packing matieral
Charge per item
Additional $100 per item if packed with wooden box or racks


Installation divided into 2 groups: 「Standard」 和「Complicated」


「Standard Installation」
Requires installation of base or legs only
Example, a table or a seating bench


Product longest side Per item
<1.2m $200
1.2-1.6m $400
>1.6m $600

「Complicated Installation」
Assembling of separated parts with multiple joints
Example, a bunk bed or TV combination cabinet

We may pre-install some major parts of furniture in our warehouse, in order to shorten the installation time in customer's home


Customer are recommended to send us product hyperlink or photo for quotation

Facebook Message:
Tel: 6577 6380

Other charges

• Car Park charges
Will charge customer on spot in cash

• Area restriction
Airport, Ma Wan, Outlying Islands, building without elevator; if there is ramp or stairs between parking space and building, please inform us in advance

• Free Storage Period
China Warehouse = 30 days; After that, HKD $10 / item / day
HK Warehouse  = 5 days; After that, HKD $20 / item / day

• Product Restriction
If actual weight exceeds 80 kg or length longer than 2m, please inform us before online purchase
Customer must ensure product could get in their building elevator and house, otherwise we could only deliver to building reception hall and no refund would be made

• Removal of Old Furniture
Customer could send us photo of old furniture for quotation

How to pay?

After we gather all items in HK warehouse, customer could choose to pay by Visa/Master (Paypal) or bank transfer (ATM)


• There is NO contractual relationship between FTH and product supplier / e-commerce platform chosen by customer. Therefore FTH is NOT responsible for any product liability, damage of product due to poor packaging, and transportation liability before arriving FTH warehouse

• FTH is NOT responsible for any delay due to customs procedures of the authorities. Customer needs to bear full responsibility if their purchased products are restricted by the authorities from exporting to Hong Kong

• For other loss or damage of customer product, maximum compensation amount of FTH would be two times of service charge of that order




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